I Made It Two In A Week

So my department finally ended last Wednesday with only five of the eleven hanging around, and the only good thing to come of it is that I will be working a later schedule at 1130am instead of an 8am start time.  The downside is a few bucks less in base which I should be able to make up (and hopefully more) taking phone calls by people who typically are not too bright so we see how that goes.

The next six weeks should be a time to possible relax because I should be working four 10 hour shifts, I have not heard any official but from talks I better have that.  However, when classes start I will have some long days with a morning class and then working 10 hours, but that combo will only be one day week.  I am hoping to join the University of Utah’s newspaper in hopes to gain some experience in newspaper writing and layout; especially since most jobs I look at want someone with that experience and not someone writs for a blog network even though it is highly touted by media professionals.  That is something I am working on, so we will see in a month when they need new writers.

Random notes to make this possibly worth the time is that if anyone is  a Netflix user out there they added a ton of instant watches and I recommend Better Off Ted which could be cancelled, but they have season one up there so go check it out.  Plus, Arrested Development is there as well and is always hilarious.


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