What The… Who Is This

Why hello everyone,  just thought I should actually post something here sooner than once every three months or so.  I will attempt to do something once a week but don’t hold it to me.  The main reason for not posting often is because of being very, very busy with writing on my new website which if those who do not know is about Mountain West sports as part of the SB Nation network.  Another part of my busyness (is that a word) is that I write for the main pages of SB Nation a few times a week.  I have switched radio stations to 1320 KFAN where I produce the Rockwell Action Sports Report.  The show for some reason moved away from 1280 The Zone so I went since the logistics would mean less work, same pay, and not having to work on Saturdays.  The equipment is way different, not user friendly, and in my opinion much worse which is odd since the station is owned by the Larry H. Miller group.

The other news is that I plan in about six weeks to head back to  Utah to get a second degree which will be in journalism in hopes to get my grades high enough to be able to look at a masters programs.  I only need a few classes so I most likely will be down next spring and a slight chance in the winter, but we will see.  Either way it helps me out and couples nicely with what I have my previous degree in.

Who knows what I will write about could be pretty much everything, but Ill attempt to do this more.


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