Daisy, Daisy

While I’m sitting waiting for the clinic to open (Gwen might have pink eye) I thought I’d shoot out a quick blog post.

I have been playing a CD in the car for a couple weeks that has a ton of kid songs on it. As a matter of fact we used to listen to the same songs on casset tape when I was younger. JD has started to sing a long to some of the songs and its so cute. He love a bicycle built for two. I’m sure he thinks its about our dog Daisy. I’ll catch him singing “Daisy, Daisy, so crazy.” I can’t get over how cute it is.

I just have to gush about what a great big brother JD is. He loves Gwen and is always watching out for her. I’m enjoying it while it lasts. 🙂

The kids are now in the same room and so when JD talks we can hear it through the baby monitor. A couple nights ago we heard him talking so we turned it up to listen. “Daddy? Daddy, hi daddy. I wuv you daddy, wuv you.”. It melted our hearts. He still won’t say it to our faces but it was cute to hear him on the monitor.

I have been having fun making hair bows with Kristin. Here are my latest creations. This last time we also made the boards to put them all on.

Well its time to head into the clinic. I’ll snap a picture of JD right now. He’s been quite unhappy to be in his seat the past 5 minutes.


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