Whats that password?

You know it’s been a long time since you have blogged when you can’t even remember your password to log in!  Whew.  Probably a record.  Life with 2 kids is crazy sometimes but Jeremy is putting JD to bed and Gwen is content at the moment so TADA!  Maybe I should only blog on the 1st of each month?  Ok maybe not.

January 2010 has been a good month for us!  Here are the awesome highlights.

  • JD turned 2, I can’t believe he is getting so old.  At his 2 year check up at the doctor we all laughed when he was measured at over 3 feet tall already.  To say he is off the charts is an understatement.  This past week he is starting to put a lot more words together and it’s actually been really fun to get to communicate more with him.  We still don’t understand everything he says but we are learning.

  • Gwen was blessed.  We were lucky enough to have Jeremy’s mom come up from Houston for JD’s birthday so we blessed Gwen on short notice at the same time so she could be here.  She looked so precious in her white dress.
  • I signed up for school again!  I will be completing the 10 week Master Body Worker course up in Salt Lake starting in March.  It’s full-time so I’ll be sad to be away from the kids so much but I’m excited (and a little scared) to be getting more education.  I think I may be addicted.
  • I started to practice massage, finally.  Its been going really well and my body is starting to readjust to the work.  I’m still offering a special till Feb. 13th.  $25 for an hour massage, give me a call.
  • We got our taxes done early this year and already got the refund (shocker I know).  We have payed off debt with it and have also upgraded Jeremy’s ancient laptop to a new Mac Book Pro.  It should be here by Wednesday and I can’t wait.  I tried to talk Jeremy into a trip to Disneyland but he was a bit more practical about how we spent the money.  (I’m glad he’s so good like that)
  • Jeremy has applied all over the country for jobs since he will be switching departments in March and taking a pay cut we decided no better time than now to really go for it!

We have been busy but January was good to us.  Gwen has wanted a lot more attention than JD did as a baby and in turn now JD wants attention too so I don’t often have free time, and when I do I’m trying to book massages so it’s nice to get a moment to catch up.

JD LOVES playing in the snow

Gwen has been smiling a lot

JD would eat "circles" all day if I let him


5 thoughts on “Whats that password?

  1. Ahh precious little (well not JD) family you have there… I woul dhave snuggled Gwen for a minute if Matt hadnt had the Flu a few days previous. Last thing that little lady needed was to be sick. It was lovely seeing you and the kiddos.

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