Home and Finally Updating!

I am finally getting a chance to update after a couple of very busy days.   The pediatrician came on Christmas Eve and told us that he believes Gwen has Colotis and Reflux.  He sent us home that evening and promised to call the next day with lab results.  Christmas morning started out well but soon she was vomiting everything she ate.  The doctor did call and let us know the cultures looked clear so far and told us to keep an eye on the vomiting.  By last night we were getting concerned about dehydration so we called him again.  He decided that we needed to get the Upper GI done asap to make sure there wasn’t a blockage in her stomach.  This morning we headed to the clinic to get her weighed then we were sent straight to Primary Childrens Medical Center in Salt Lake.  Since it was the day after Christmas and a Saturday we didn’t have a long wait.  The technician and doctor were amazing and they explained everything they were seeing and doing while I was in the room with them.  She was finally diagnosed with a bad case of GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease).  Since she is a preemie and so small she didn’t get time to have her bowels develop all the way.  You could watch the reflux happen instantly on the monitor.  It was pretty awesome to finally have a diagnosis.  There is still a good chance she has a food allergy as well so we are still dealing with that and the colitis but it’s been a MUCH better day today.

The GERD will mean she has to eat small amounts of food more often than she was before.  We will be keeping her on the $$ formula for now.  We also monitor all her “input and output” so that when the doctors ask when she ate, how much, etc we are ready with the answers.  Gwen will be seeing the doctor every couple of weeks to make sure things are still going well and that her weight is increasing.  Hopefully she will begin to outgrow this around 6 months of age.  It’ll just be a long 6 months.  😉

While we were in Salt Lake at the hospital it was great to see my cousin and his wife that are there with their little girl Baylee right now.  Hopefully they will be headed out of the hospital in a few more days and not need to go back for her treatments for a few weeks.

Thanks again for everyone’s prayers.  It’s nice to have pieces start getting solved and have her on the mend.  I’m sure the new schedule and everything will be hard for the first little while but we feel VERY blessed that it wasn’t something much worse.


JD loved his Christmas morning.  As soon as I get a second I’ll try to post the pictures.  He didn’t seem to like unwrapping anything but once it was out of the wrapping he just wanted us to “open it”.  I do believe his favorite gifts were a train from aunt Tracey and a truck from my mom because they both had lots of shape toys in them and he is SO into shapes right now.  He even knows what a octogon is.

His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and I am so happy to be home with him.  He’s had a rough road recently with mommy in bed for 15 weeks then the hospital while Gwen was in the NICU.  This past week was kind of the last straw for him so we are fighting some tantrums but I can’t blame the kiddo.


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