Yet another night…

It’s late and I’m REALLY tired so this will be short.  I will spare you all the details of the day and just post on where we are at now.

Gwen is still in the hospital in American Fork.  When the doctor came and saw the blood in her diapers he decided to examine her.  While he was looking at her little tush she decided to poop everywhere.  This ended up being a good thing because it meant he saw that the blood was coming from internally.  Tonight they did a x-ray of her abdomen to rule out 2 different possibilities.  Things in the x-ray looked great.  They have put her on an even more sensitive formula that I hope helps, at the same time it is $50 for a 14 oz can so WOW!  They didn’t even have it here, they had to send down to UVRMC to get it.

Around 5am they will draw more blood and weigh her again.  Hopefully by the morning they will have all the results back including the results from the stool sample they sent to the lab.  If everything comes back clean than odds are good we’ll be sent home, if something isn’t ok then the doctor said he is going to transfer us to Primary Children’s.  Since he also said that yesterday I’m not sure it would actually happen.  We will see.

Gwen is quite fussy this evening so I hope she will still eat and not lose any more weight.


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