Gwen Hospital Update

I know it’s been far to long since I’ve posted any updates on our little family.  I do hope you’ll forgive me.  Not long after my last post I ended up contracting a Uterine infection (Endometritis) and shortly after that was finally under control I developed a headache/migraine that didn’t go away at all for over 10 days.  Needless to say blogging was not top priority.  About the time the headache cleared up we started to notice so issues with Gwen.

One day while changing her diaper we noticed a little blood in her stool.  I read online that it might not be a big deal so we waited until it happened again before calling the doctor.  When we took her in last Friday there was no more blood in her stools but she started to have diarrhea and was throwing up.  The doctor switched her formula and told us to watch her over the weekend.  We did and monday I took her back in because I wasn’t sure she was eating enough.  More than half of what she was eating she was throwing back up.  When they weighed her at the doctor’s office we were all shocked to see that in the past 72 hours she had lost 12% of her body weight.  Just imagine 12% of your body weight gone in only 3 days!  She was admitted to the hospital right away.  This was yesterday.

She’s been kept on the more specialized formula while here and I believe she’s finally getting used to it.  I don’t blame her for hating it, it smells nasty.  She’s only thrown up once since being here and is starting to gain back some weight.  I was optimistic that we’d be able to go home before noon but her lab work from this morning showed she was low on potassium so we may be here for another night.

They did an ultrasound this morning to check her Pyloric Sphincter in her stomach to make sure it wasn’t enlarged and causing the vomiting.  They believe it is not the problem.  Now we are looking into the fact that she may have a sever milk protein allergy.  This is different from a lactose intolerance.  The good news is that most children do outgrow this before they reach the age of 5 years old, how we handle it now can help her to be ok with the milk later in life.  Our family doctor happens to also specialize in allergens and testing so he has been a huge help.

The doctor had originally told me to stop pumping breast milk for her but now they have me on a restricted diet and they hope in a day or two I’ll be able to supplement a little milk with the formula to help her during flu season.

That is all we know for now.  I will keep you all posted as we know more.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the prayers headed our way.  Our thoughts have been with my cousin’s little one Baylee and her struggles up at primary children’s hospital.  I feel like what we are dealing with here is hard enough and my heart just goes out to HD and Brittany.  Love you guys so much.


5 thoughts on “Gwen Hospital Update

  1. Allright, no more of this stuff, like Trish said… i’ll just pray for all babies at this point.

    Love the little ones I hope all are healthy and happy very soon!

  2. Eep. Glad for the update. Mojo lost about the same amount of weight by his day 4 of life. It is SO scary. Her milk protein allergy sounds a lot more severe than his was. Hope she starts liking the new formula at least a little. Good luck!!! And more prayers.

  3. It is good to hear that they have already figured out what is wrong. That was quick. It is also good to hear that she will out grow it. Still praying for you guys.

  4. My word Bobbie…I just heard the other day about the issues you were having, I”m so sorry you were in so much pain, I do hope your feeling better. as for lil’ baby girl Gwen…We will pray for her. Sweet thing, I hope you have a Merry Christmas despite the struggles right now. PS. YOUR BEAUTIFUL 🙂

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