Another Night

This afternoon things started to go back down hill a little with Gwen.

She started to throw up again and around 5pm she threw up more than I’ve seen her throw up before. When the doctor came in this evening he decided that he wouldn’t send us home tonight. As a matter of fact he said if she is still throwing up tomorrow he would probably be transfering her up to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake for more testing and to find out what is really going on. He says there is a possibility it isn’t the milk protein allergy.

At 8pm they ran some antibiotics in her IV because of something that showed up on her lab work.

Around 9:30pm when I changed her diaper there was blood mixed in with the stool so they have sent it off to the lab for testing. It amazes me how she was doing SO WELL this morning and now things are sliding the other way again….

I’ll keep you all posted.


4 thoughts on “Another Night

  1. Whelp if she does end p at primary Childrens, at least there is another support group for you there! I hope and pray they figure it out soon and she gets feeling better! Poor little Gwen.

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