We are adjusting to our new life with 2 kids.  While healing physically has been going much better than with JD’s delivery, emotionally this one has taken its toll on me.   A toddler and a newborn are such a fun mix.  😉  I have really enjoyed the few quiet moments we’ve had and I think it’s those times when I realize how amazingly blessed we are that keep me going.

Gwen was able to come home on Monday morning.  She has been doing fantastically since she has been home.  We have realized she has the same lactose intolerance that JD had.  Good news is that JD is now fine with lactose and milk so I’m hoping Gwen also grows out of it.  We will see.  It’s amazing to me how small she is, I know JD wasn’t much bigger but it feels like she is so tiny.

I’m going to attach two pictures.  The first is of Gwens first night home and the second is of a JD playing with a toy we got him the other day.  Sorry this is so short.  We love you all and are so grateful for your prayers and support during this pregnancy and birth of Gwen.  It’s made a big difference and we couldn’t have done it without you all.


5 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. Oh my she is sooo tiny, what a sweetie. I’m so glad you have her home and are enjoying her. Life w/ a Toddler and a newborn….hmmm well bring on the new chapters of our lives right. LOVE U

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