This afternoon I started to get calls and text messages from concerned friends saying that someone was chatting with them on my facebook and yahoo messenger accounts.  I got online ASAP.  When I logged into facebook I could actually see all the open chat windows the hacker had been using to talk to whomever was online.  The first story they were using was that I was stuck in London/UK on a business trip and I’d been robbed and needed money to get home.  OBVIOUSLY anyone who knew me they knew I was stuck home on bed rest.  The last couple he tried to talk to he was telling I needed money for medication, so I guess he figured the UK angle just wasn’t working.

First thing I did was change my passwords and status to let friends know that it wasn’t me they had been talking to and not to give any personal information to the hacker.  Within minutes my phone was ringing (unknown number) and it was the hacker threatening me if I did change back my passwords.  He had a horribly thick accent and if it weren’t for the profanity I might not have been able to understand him at all.  He pulled my number off of facebook.  We called the police right away, not a lot of help.  I then notified facebook of the situation.  By this evening when I tried to log into my account it had been disabled.  SO if anyone is wondering where I went that’s the long story.  I’m still talking to them about setting up a new account.

It was a nightmare, but I’m guessing he got so angry because I started to “clean it up” within 10 minutes of him talking to friends.  I’m sure he thought he’d have more time to doop people.  I’m really thankful for all of you that called and text me so that I knew right away what was going on and I’m sorry.   The calls from him only lasted for about 15 minutes before I guess he figured I wasn’t worth the hassle.  Evil, evil man.  It just made me sick.

JUST A REMINDER… NEVER give personal/banking information over the internet even if you think you are talking to a friend.  Accounts can be hacked, even ones you think might be safe.  If a friend really needed help or money they would find another way to contact you.


3 thoughts on “Hacker

  1. If I ever need money from you, I will just call. 😉

    I saw you had a status that said you were stuck in the UK and I was like, “Is she playing Risk or something?” I’m very glad nothing bad happened except the creepy phone calls.

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