Pregnancy Survey

I saw this on a friends blog and since I’m bored in bed anyway I thought I’d fill it out too.  Enjoy!

  • Is this your first pregnancy: Nope, 5th.  JD is our only child however until she is born.
  • When did you find out you were pregnant: The day after Easter.
  • Was it planned: No, we were told to avoid getting pregnant ever again after JD due to my Pregnancy Associated Cardiomyopathy.
  • What was your reaction when you found out: Fear, I cried a lot but we are thrilled now.
  • Who was with you when you found out: No one, I was alone.
  • Who was the first person you told: Jeremy.
  • How did your parents react: Shock and fear.
  • How far along are you: 34 weeks, take that statistics!
  • What was your first symptom: Nausea.
  • When is your due date: December 26, 2009.
  • Do you know the sex of the baby: Yes, Girl.
  • Have you picked out a name: Gwendolyn Olive Brierley M.
  • How much weight have you gained: 20 pounds.
  • Do you have stretch marks: Yes.
  • Have you felt the baby move: Yep, but she is a lazy baby compared to JD.
  • Have you heard the heartbeat: I hear it at least 2 times a week thanks to the NST I have to do.  🙂

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