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Since the end of my pregnancies tend to be full of fun visits to the doctor I’ve updated the pregnancy blog more than this one reciently.  SORRY.

I do have pictures from halloween and the week we were out but I can’t find the cable to connect my phone to the computer so I can 0nly show you what I happened to upload to facebook already.

Trick or treat

Trick-or-Treat with Daddy



Last week JD and I spent a lot of time out of the house so that we could avoid getting sick.  We had a great time visiting family and going places but in the long run the kid still ended up with a fever.  I honestly think it’s because of some molars he’s got coming in but we did take him into the doctor to get tested for H1N1 anyway.  The test was negative so that was happy news.  He spent one day as a cuddly kid with a fever and then he was back to being the active toddler he is.  THANKS to those of you that let us invade for a little while.  It was fun to avoid bed rest for a few days.  By the time he got his fever my body was screaming at me to get back to bed.  Contractions and all.  I still enjoyed the few days out.


Playing with mommy at KK's House


The Bean Museum


Watching Conner play Soccer



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