Our Halloween Week

The major part of our week was the hospital/baby issues we had, but if you want to read about all that check out THIS post.  So many good things happened I just want to keep one post drama free.  😉

Thursday morning I took JD in for his first official haircut.  Until now I’ve always just buzzed his head when it got too long but this time I wanted him to have it a bit longer.  We went to Cookie Cutters in Lehi and it was worth every penny.  He was the first customer of the day so he got to pick out any seat he wanted.  We opted for a blue car that he could honk the horn on.  He also got to pick out a Winnie the Pooh movie to watch during the cut, but the biggest hit was the bubbles that he could try and blow during the haircut.  I ended up blowing them at him any time he started to get worried about what the girl was doing and it worked like a charm.  He’d giggle and laugh.  The little cut he got turned out very cute and we’ll probably take him back there again since it was so hassle free.  At the end they gave him a balloon and sucker, his favorite part of the day.


After getting his hair cut I took him to get a trick-or-treating pail.  We found a cheap Elmo one and he was so excited.  All the way home I heard “Melmo, nandy, tank too.” then he would kiss the pail on the nose.  It was so funny.  Jeremy’s been trying to get him to say trick-or-treat but it’s just not gonna happen.  He’s going to be Nemo for Halloween tonight and I’m excited to take some pictures!  Last year it was all about over his head, at least this year he knows what candy is.   I may drive him and Jeremy around so that I get to see him trick-or-treat.  We’ll see.  I’m not guessing he’ll last very long.


When we got home the stuff I ordered from Diapers.com showed up!  I ordered it Tuesday night and it got to the house before noon on Thursday.  Pretty snazzy.  JD and Parks loved playing with the box, I think I know what to get him for Christmas now.  🙂  It all came, no errors and I’m still excited about the awesome deal we got.  If anyone wants to try them out remember to use promo code MAUSS to get $10 off your first order.


Here are some other photo’s I had on my phone, enjoy their awesomeness:


toy blog

Playing at the Doctors Office

pumpkin 1 blog

Looking at all the "Punkins"

pumpkin 2 blog

I'll take this one!

computer blog

Sunday afternoon with Daddy

bows blog

Hairbows I made for Gwen




5 thoughts on “Our Halloween Week

  1. I LOVE COOKIE CUTTERS! I just went there with my sister the other day for my niece’s first haircut, and my sister tipped the girl $20 because she was so happy. The cut was adorable and fast, and when my sister started getting ready to cry, the stylist calmed her down. WHAT A GREAT PLACE!

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