Diapers and More

Today was a busy day so lets just do bullet points, shall we:

  • Jeremy managed to pull a muscle in his lower back this morning while he was putting on his pants.  Poor guy, not even a good story about how it happened.
  • High Risk appointment was Okay.  We saw a doctor I’ve not seen before (and won’t have to see again) and he was more interested in hearing himself talk than listening to what I had to say or reading my records.  Can’t wait to see the doctor I’m used to again.
  • Scheduled Non-Stress tests for the baby twice a week for the next 4 weeks.  😛
  • Pi’ikea came and worked on Jeremy’s back since it was more than I could do right now. (THANKS A MILLION)
  • Had to go re-sign paperwork on the car.
  • Filled up my car with gas.

The most exciting part of the day was buying diapers.  SERIOUSLY.  We have to use Huggies Supreme diapers for JD or he tends to get diaper rashes really bad.  Trial and error have taught us this.  Sadly they are pretty expensive so I’ve become a queen with diaper coupons.  This week I found a $10 off coupon for diapers.com so I thought I would give them a try.  They happen to be having a HUGE sale right now and I was able to get (all industrial sized):

  • 3 boxes always maxi pads (sorry guys, but it’s life)
  • 1 box diapers
  • 1 box wipe refils
  • Glass bottles for Gwen (at almost 1/2 the price I’ve seen them elsewhere)
  • Nursing pads (sorry again guys)
  • Bubble bath (JD LOVES bubble bath)
  • Diaper Genie 2 Refils
  • and children’s Tylenol

I saved $24.74 in coupons and the $10.00 off.  I also got free shipping and it will all be here on Thursday!  I’ll let you know if it all comes in one piece.  If anyone is interested you can get $10.00 off your first order by using the promotion code MAUSS during checkout.  I’m so nice eh?


Well I need to go see how poor Jeremy is doing.  He’s had a rough day.


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