One Call

Jeremy was enjoying using my old blackberry without the problems I was having with it.  Then one day he wasn’t able to navigate using the track ball or keys anymore and had to go back to using his old phone.  Technically I knew the phone had a 90 warranty since it was a replacement but I wasn’t sure if they would honor it since I wasn’t the one using it anymore and they processed the new phone for me.  ONE phone call later Jeremy had them sending him a replacement overnight and a promise that if it broke down in the next year they would upgrade him to the next level blackberry free of charge.  Lesson to take from all this; I am no longer calling about problems, I will have Jer do it!  It took me 6 weeks and countless hours on the phone to get them to upgrade the phone and give me a discount!

Life with the new car has been wonderful.  For the first time since June I haven’t regretted getting a 2nd car.  I am no longer terrified to drive and JD loves it.  Every day he brings me his shoes and socks asking to go in the car.  I can’t say enough about Josh at Murdock Hyundai in Orem for working with us and taking such amazing care of the situation.  They didn’t have to do all they did and we really appreciate it.

After signing the paperwork for the new car on Wednesday night we took JD to the park to enjoy it before we start getting snow.  He had a blast with his daddy there to chase him around.  We picked up KK on the way there so she could play too.  JD just loves his cousins!

bridge bloghanging blogdaddy blog

On Thursday Trish and I headed to the health department to get ourselves and the kids vaccinated for H1N1.  We showed up about an hour before they opened and were probably about 200 people back in line already.  By the time we left the line wrapped around the parking garage!  Once they opened the doors they were sure moving people through there fast.  Poor Deeds hated the shot and hid his little face in my shirt after they gave it to him.  When I was putting him back in the stroller he just kept rubbing his little thigh.  He did like the little sticker they gave him.  We go back in 4 weeks for his second dose.

flu line 2 blogflu line blogflu sticker blog


One thought on “One Call

  1. Don’t ya hate that when your hubby comes along and gets something done on customer service quicker? GRRRR. I usually always make Eric do it now… 😉 Love all the pics! Glad you got there early…that line looked out of control. 😛

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