We are ALIVE!

So much has been going on it’s been hard to find a moment that I want to sit down and blog.  Lets just start off where I left off before.

The stomach bug worked its way through the entire house with the exception of JD, Dad and Gray.  Thankfully it never hit too many people at once so the bathroom rotations were pretty good.  I can’t even imagine how bad it would have been if it had knocked us all out at once.

Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan

Last weekend Jeremy and I went to see Jim Gaffigan up in Salt Lake.  It was a great comedy show and it made me laugh so hard I started to get contractions.  Our seats were right up front and there wasn’t a seat in front of Jeremy so he got to stretch out his long legs.  We have had the tickets since June and so there was no way I was going to miss it.  Jeremy was able to book us an employee rate room for the night up there so I didn’t have to worry about driving back after the show.  The next afternoon we had lunch and then Jer had to get to work so I headed back home in my car…you know, the one we just got in June.

Let me start off this little segment by mentioning that dad has been driving the car too and from work without any major problems since I’ve been on bed rest.  The car drove fine all weekend until I was turning onto 5th south to get on the freeway and head home.  It died, mid turn.  The steering wheel locked up and if there had been ANY traffic of if I’d been shooting a gap there would have been a major accident.  Once I finally got it off the road I called dad in tears.  This car is out to get me, I think it doesn’t like that I own it OR it was punishing me for skipping on bed rest for 24 hours.  I was able to get it started again and took state street and back roads home.  It took me almost 2 hours for a drive that usually takes 45 minutes.  The car died 3 more times.  Dad took it straight to the dealership when I got home.  He happened to catch one of the owners at the dealership and they told him to leave the car.  Skip to today.  I called since I haven’t heard about the car and the stupid thing isn’t acting up for them at all so they can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.  The guys at the service center are getting just as sick of the car as we are since it’s been in about 5 times since we purchased it.  I’m expecting a call tomorrow about where we go from here.  Let me just tell you this has been one rollercoaster we never wanted to be on.

About 6 weeks ago my phone started to act up by randomly failing to call out or send text unless I turned it off and on again.  After a lot of trouble shooting they finally just sent me a replacement phone.  That phone did the same thing so yesterday I got the 2nd replacement phone in the mail.  Guess what, started to do the SAME THING.  Finally they told me to go get a new SIM card for the phone.  Mom ran out and did that for me today and GUESS WHAT!  Yep, same problem.  When I called back again tonight (3rd time today) they finally decided it wasn’t the phone at all.  They first offered me a different phone.  Not a blackberry but something they thought was close enough.  I just don’t believe that the blackberry is the problem since mom has the same phone and not the same problems.  I’ve had a blackberry for years, I’m an addict I know.  The thought of going to a different phone was not something that made me really excited.  After a lot of time letting them know how disappointed I was and more time spent on hold they finally offered me the Blackberry Curve 8900, the newest model they have at a discounted upgrade price.  After even more discussion since they were going to extend our contract for the new phone I talked them in to letting us keep the current phone (so Jeremy could use it or sell it).  I’m feeling good about the way things worked out 🙂  I have 14 days from when I get the new phone to decide if I like it and to make sure the same problem doesn’t happen again.  The perk for all of you in blogging land is that the new phone has a better camera on it and since I’m a slacker and most of the photo’s I have of JD are on my phone they shouldn’t be as grainy.

Blackberry Curve 8900

Blackberry Curve 8900

Life is otherwise pretty good right now.  We are hoping to make it into November before they induce me to have Gwen.  I’m trying to get back into the habit of bed rest but that 24 hours out of it last week has made it hard to stay down again.  😛   JD is growing at a surprising rate and I’ve been scrambling to make sure he has enough winter stuff since the weather got cold.  I think we are finally set, at least until the next growth spurt.   He is also talking so much more and I love it.  Jeremy is still working like a mad man but he LOVED his break last week.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to top getting him those tickets for Jim Gaffigan.  I may have ruined every birthday and fathers day gift from her on out.


One thought on “We are ALIVE!

  1. I’m sorry about all the car and phone problems! It sounds like you are working hard to get them both fixed though. You will have to let us all know what happened with the car. Good luck staying on bed rest. Just another month or so!

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