6+ Pounds Later

Here is a quick rundown of the past weekend up to now:

  • I got a stomach bug on Friday afternoon
  • Friday night I started to have contractions and we had to go to the hospital.  They were able to stop everything with an IV that had fluids and antinausia medication in it.
  • Friday later night/Saturday early I still “dealt” with the stomach bug, while trying to stay hydrated so I wouldn’t have to go back to the hospital.  Since I don’t normally throw up unless I am pregnant I remember asking Jeremy to kill me at one point.
  • Saturday… ya… still sick.
  • Sunday finally kept some food and liquids down, on the mend except for the bizarre back muscles I pulled thanks to all the intense sickness.
  • Monday, other than the muscles I felt better than I had in days.  Even ran out with mom to buy JD’s diapers.
  • Monday late……. Jeremy gets the stomach bug….
  • Monday later/Tuesday morning neither of us get a lot of sleep due to Jeremy being sick.
  • Tuesday early I finally convince Jeremy to call in sick to work, something he NEVER does.
  • Tuesday afternoon I went to the cardiologist only to find out that I may have to switch high risk specialists and OB this late in the pregnancy if I want to keep my new cardiology team.   I have some decisions to make, ick.  Got my flu shot and found out that over the course of the weekend I lost 6+ pounds because of the sickness.
  • Now, blogging and dealing with JD refusing to go to bed praying he doesn’t get the stomach bug since I’m still pretty queezy.

Aren’t you SO happy I caught you up?


3 thoughts on “6+ Pounds Later

  1. Yuck! Sounds crummy. I hope you all get on the mend soon. Good luck with deciding about the OB, that is a really tough call to put on a girl this late in the game!

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