Video’s of JD

The longer I sit in bed the harder it gets to sit in bed, but since I’m really starting to have a hard time breathing moving around a lot isn’t an option.

Today someone dropped off a little bag with a book, some gum and flowers.  There was no name so I’d just like to thank whoever it was.  I really appreciated it and the flowers are in a vase by the TV so I can see them all the time!  It really did make my day.

A few weeks ago I found really cheap subscriptions to TIME and Newsweek magazines and today they both came at once.  I LOVED sitting and reading them cover to cover.  I feel a bit more in tune with some current events, daytime TV doesn’t really keep you posted unless you want celebrity gossip.

Here are a few video’s from our little outing outside today.  Sorry the quality is really bad, I need to find our camera so I stop taking all our pictures and video on my phone.


3 thoughts on “Video’s of JD

  1. Hey will you be able to come to Hollys for the toe party? If not let me know i’ll make a stop at your place a day or two before! Also the only way we got drinks outside was the hose… yumm

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