Disc Golf and Dog Dishes

I had a nice long blog typed up on my blackberry and then the thing froze and I lost it all.  THE AGONY.  I’ve been dealing with T-mobile all day trying to figure out what is wrong with it.  Sadly I think they may have to replace it.  😦

Pi’ikea brought me over the TV series Roswell to entertain me.  It’s kept me occupied for the afternoon so I’m very grateful.  Dad’s decided he wants to watch it too since it has aliens in it.  It makes me laugh.

We spent some more time outside today.  First Deeds played with the disc golf stuff then it was all about the dog dish.  Don’t worry, I had just washed it out and refilled it so I let him enjoy himself.  I personally like when he dumped it over his head.  Once I refilled it and he kept standing in it I decided to just put him in a swimsuit and fill up the little pool for him to splash in.  His cousins thought this was a great idea and they all joined him.  I do believe JD’s favorite part was being sprayed with the hose.  What kid LIKES that?  Mine apparently.  We finally had to come inside because I way boiling hot.  I don’t think the lovely compression stockings I have to wear were helping the situation.

I am looking forward to Labor Day because we get to see Jeremy for 2 WHOLE DAYS!  He has Monday off and thankfully doesn’t have to be at the radio station so we get to see him Sunday and Monday.  JD will love it, I can only imagine how much I’ll be hearing him say “daddy” on Tuesday when life starts back up again for Jeremy.  Poor Jer needs this break so badly and I’m so happy he’s getting it!


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