I’m currently sitting in the backyard so that JD can play outside for a little while. He LOVES being in the backyard and I imagine we don’t have a ton of nice days left for him to enjoy it. With me bring in school and sick all summer I think he only went to the pool once or twice. Guess there is always next year.

I was more than pleased to sit out here today because I found a bunch of raspberries and one strawberry. Yummy. We would have a lot more strawberries if the squirrel and Daisy would stop eating them! Daisy keeps trying to catch the squirrel but so far it has been too fast for even her. ((Update: I only got 2 berries because JD discovered them.))

A lady from the ward stopped by for a short visit and brought fresh baked rolls. It was a nice surprise. She happened to catch me in jeans today instead of PJ’. Amazing. 🙂 Mom and I had to run to get a prescription filled and get JD some diapers. I had a $10 gift card to babies r us and a coupon for $3 off diapers. The store was offering a $10 gift card when you purchase 2 boxes of diapers. I was so excited about my $23 savings and had a box for JD and one for Gwen. About a half an hour later the manager told us their debit card and gift card readers were down. We finally had them hold the diapers (since they were the last 2 boxes!) and we get to go back tomorrow. Chances are good mom will end up going alone since I didn’t tolerate todays outing so well. Oh but if anyone is interested they also have all their clearance clothes marked down and its buy one get one for a dollar.


2 thoughts on “Berries

  1. YUMMY Berries… great deals are great too whoo hoo. How was your girls night this week, did it happen on Wed? if so text me and tell me how it was and text me and tell me when the next one is. Love u

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