Bee Sting

The doctor appointment yesterday went well. No big changes. Told me to stay down better but that’s about it. Baby Gwen is getting big. She now weighs about 1.5 pounds and is measuring almost 2 full weeks ahead of schedule. I have an OB appointment on Monday. I’m not sure how I got them so much off track. I’ll have to straighten them out to 2 weeks apart again.

Last night 4 girl friends I went to UCMT with came over and we talked and played games for a couple hours. It was so much fun and a nice change. We were sitting in the backyard enjoying the evening when a bee decided it should fly down the back of my shirt. I thought I imagined it at first and kind of swatted at it. The bee retaliated by stinging me and I jumped up afraid it was a wasp and would continue to sting. I felt it in my shirt but couldn’t get it out. Finally one of the girls said “take off your shirt” and I did. I felt stupid, but was so happy to have the bee gone. They got it off my shirt and I put it back on while we went laughing back inside. I’m glad I could provide the comic relief. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bee Sting

  1. AHhh The same thing happened to me! I had buttons on my shirt and I ripped it open popping almost all the buttons 🙂 Hope you are doing well.. You and baby Gwen are in our prayers 🙂

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