Blackberry, I love you!

I found a word press application my blackberry today.  It may actually mean I’ll start blogging again consistently.  I know you are thrilled!

The new cardiologists were amazing and I’ll be seeing them once a month till the baby comes.  I left the appointment very optimistic and positive so I’m thrilled about the change.

With mom home I’ve been much better about trying to stay down in bed more.  She’s been a huge help with JD and getting little things done for me.  Its amazing and I’m so thankful.

JD is starting to talk more and more.  He likes to say baby, mom, dad, ma (max), nana, bampa, grama, Bobbie and he also make a bunch of animal sounds that crack us up.   Today I was cleaning out all the non-maternity clothes from our closet and I looked down and he’d gotten his blanket and crawled into the dog kennel.  Don’t worry he ripped out the dog bed and all their toys first.  It was so funny.


3 thoughts on “Blackberry, I love you!

  1. Gator is standing next to me screaming at the top of his lungs, “JDEEEEEE and DAISYYYEEEE!!” You need to come over here for some ‘bed rest’! 😉

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