Maybe she’ll blog more?

Now that I’m supposed to be on bed rest I’m sure you’ve been wondering if I’ll blog more.  Apparently not.  Here’s the rundown on life since I posted last.

  • I graduated!  YAY!!  It was a good day, but sadly it doesn’t mean I will be able to work very much.  I am however certified and hope to be licensed in a week or three so call me if you need any minor work done.
  • I’m supposed to be on bedrest, kind of.  “Relaxing and keeping your feet up” is how the doctor put it.  This is VERY hard with a toddler.  I am usually only in bed or resting when JD is napping.  It’s just the way the cookie crumbles right now.
  • Our car got fixed!  YAY, until yesterday when it started to act up again.  I’m beginning to wonder how long the dealership is going to keep fixing it before they realize the car is just a lemon?
  • I have been going to the wound clinic at the hospital for the biopsy on my leg that never healed.  As of this morning I’m in a semi-hard cast/compression wrap that goes from my knee to my toes.  Oh it’s a load of fun.  Apparently they doctor there believes that the wound isn’t healing because of the edema (excess fluids) in my legs.  I go in once a week and they scrape, clean and measure the sore.  I’m hoping that maybe when I go in next week I can avoid a huge wrap on my leg.  I’m really missing taking showers!
  • My cardiologist is giving me whiplash.  I wont post a lot about it here but lets just say I go in one time and everything is ok, and he doesn’t feel like he needs to see me again anytime soon.  Then I’ll go in a month later and the world is coming to an end, I need to terminate the pregnancy and everything is bad news.  I have finally decided to get a second opinion from a cardiologist up in SLC.  That appointment is next Tuesday.
  • JD went through a phase where he stopped calling me mom or mama and just called me Bobbie.  It was cute but I’m glad it didn’t last too long.  It was a good sign that he’s starting to pick up a bit more vocabulary.  His favorite thing to say right now happens to be “is it?”.  We’re trying to get him to say what is it but I’m happy with “is it?”.  Funny thing is he usually whispers it.
  • Jeremy is working harder than ever and we are lucky to see him on Sundays.  Life just keeps getting more and more expensive and job compensation doesn’t seem to be meeting the task.  It’s why we were hoping to sell the car (I know we JUST got it) but I don’t feel good selling someone a lemon so we’ll see what happens with the dealership in the next few days.  Hopefully I will be able to work soon after the baby is born to help our family get back on its own two feet!

That’s the long 411 for our little family.

Peace, love and gimpy legs.


5 thoughts on “Maybe she’ll blog more?

  1. Your life seems to be crazy right now, but you sound so positive about everything. Good luck with the cardiologist appointment next week. Congrats on Graduation!

  2. The boys never called me Holly unless I was talking too much and they needed to get my attention. I hope your leg heals and that you find a new doc. HUGS!

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