18 Month Check-up

JD’s 18 month check up went well.  He is still off the charts for his height and a skinny kid.  Every thing seems to be going according to the guidelines they have for development, with the exception of his speech.  He vocalizes a lot but words aren’t his “thing”.  He will mimic the melody of what you are saying but he can’t say the actual words.  I don’t know how else to describe it really.  The only two words that are very distinguishable are “Dad” and “Mama”.    He seems to comprehend most everything we say, but isn’t talking.  I’m not too worried about it, but the doctor wants to have his hearing checked to make sure it’s ok.

Today he did have a breakthrough however.  He figured out how to eat the middle from the oreo and leave the cookie part.  To celebrate his new trick he sang me the Indiana Jones theme.  😉

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6 thoughts on “18 Month Check-up

  1. Ah,,,don’t worry about the talking thing much, he’ll get it eventually. I thought some thing was wrong with HD too, because was a little talking machine. HD just grunted for about two years. Then when he did talk it was hard for any one else to translate but Kristin. Blub=bread, yeah, what, blub? Translate that one.

    And it sounds like he has the two most important words in his life down just fine! 🙂

  2. Hearing huh, well I too don’t think anything is wrong with a kid that doesnt talk all the time. He obviously knows what youa re saying so his hearing is fine… Off the charts for height huh… wow tall skinny kid… hmmm just like his papa I bet! When do you find out the sex of the next one?

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