No Car

The car started acting a bit odd, or as I like to say possessed, 3 days after we got it.  I called the dealership to let them know ASAP and they said to bring it in to have it checked out again.  Problem is it would never act up when I wanted to take it in and the one time I did just take it in they couldn’t find anything wrong with it after waiting for almost 2 hours.  Then yesterday I was taking JD to an appointment and it was driving terrible, the check engine light finally came on so I called Jeremy and let him know.  On the way home from the appointment it was a whole new pain in my tushie.  It would take me up to 10 seconds to accelerate from 0-15 mph (so I wasn’t shooting any gaps).  If you think that’s not too long, next time you are turning left on a green light or even just going through an intersection count the time it takes you.  It was actually quite scary with JD in the car.  Once we finally headed up the hill to the house I had the gas to the floor and couldn’t get it to go above 20 mph. and then almost couldn’t get it into the driveway.  Needless to say it’s currently back at the dealership and we are waiting to hear from them about what the heck is wrong.  The awesome news is we’ve been told if it’s not going to be able to be fixed they will put us in another car and not stick us with a lemon.  I’m hoping they can just find the problem and fix it but it’s their dime to fix it so it’s up to them.  I’m not paying a penny.

On the mole removal front, 2 of the 3 moles they removed last week came back with cancer cells.  They know they got everything with one of them and the other they are choosing to just watch for now since the biopsy they did on my leg is just refusing to heal.  When I took the stitches out of the one on my leg it opened up after about 10 minutes.  The skin on my legs (or really anywhere) is just not elastic and so it pulls too tight and didn’t heal properly.  They tried to glue it back together and that lasted about 36 hours.  Now I just have a hole the size of about a dime and have to “watch it for infection.” and wait for it to heal on its own.  Yay for funky scars.  I’m really just happy they have been able to catch everything without it being full blown malignant melanoma.

Only 3 weeks left of school… WAHOOO!  I do need to get studying for my nationals certification exam, and I’m trying to decide if I want to take it the week before school is out or the week after.


One thought on “No Car

  1. Will has some funky moles that he is now got an apointment to get looked at. Thanks you…

    Bummer about the car. I am glad that it is there dime and not yours.

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