Finally Some Good News!

The lung issues aren’t too bad.  I think it’s finally starting to go away.  It can still hurt when I take deep breaths but it’s not nearly as bad as it was before.  Tomorrow I go in to get the other 3 moles removed so pray they are A-OK.

I had to make up a class today so a friend from school offered to watch JD for me.  He got to have his first taste of kool-aid while there and they laughed as he downed 3 glasses of it.  I personally enjoyed his kool-aid smile after.  I hope you can see it in the little picture.

JD Koolaid

Since the past week or so have started to get REALLY hard for me we were worried that it might be time for me to take a medical leave from school.  I was not happy about it since there are only 5 weeks left but we thought it would be the only option.  After talking to people at the school for the past 2 days we finally worked things out so I could take most of the classes I have left during the days and not at night.  I don’t feel great any time of the day but nights are by far worse than the afternoon so hopefully this new plan will keep me on track to graduate with my class on Aug. 6th!  It was a huge relief to have them work this all out for me.  Hopefully this will help a bit.

5 thoughts on “Finally Some Good News!

  1. That sounds like it will be great! I hope that the new schedule works out for you. I love JD’s Kool-aid smile. He is such a heart-breaker. I can’t believe how big he is getting. I can’t wait until we live closer!

  2. Bobbie, I’m not real ‘in the know’ with your situation since stopping by once a month doesn’t keep one too updated, you know? But I just have to ask…wouldn’t it be better for your health and the health of your baby if you just delayed school and graduation? I know you only have five weeks left, but if you omitted that particular stressor in life, it seems it would have only a positive effect on everything else that’s precariously hanging in the balance right now. If you keep pushing yourself at this level, you may end up forcing your body into early bed rest. But if you changed direction and focus, your health may improve and could you possibly delay bed rest? I don’t know, and you definitely don’t need unsolicited advice, but a woman wearing herself as thin as you are can’t keep herself healthy, let alone her fragile fetus.

    I’m not saying this to be mean or judgmental or whatever. I’m saying it because your situation concerns me, and I think you should consider focusing on family right now. Your education will pan out for the best in the long run. We’re praying for you!

  3. Good luck with day classes! Hopefully that will be the answer. JD’s Kool-aid smile is great! So cute.

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