Yesterday I started to get some chest pains on my left side.  Around 9pm it had been persistent enough that we were a bit concerned so I headed into the ER.  To make a long story short they ran a series of tests from CT scans, X-rays, and lab work to make sure that it wasn’t my heart or a Pulmonary Embolism.  Come to find out it is a condition called Pleurisy.   It is a swelling of the thin layers of tissue (the pleura) covering the lungs and chest wall.  When it becomes inflamed the layers rub together causing chest pain.  Normally they glide, with this it’s more like sandpaper.


By midnight when Jeremy and I got to head home the pain was getting worse.  😦  Sadly because its viral there were no medications he could give me to help it, so he gave me some painkillers and told us to take it easy.    Needless to say I didn’t sleep well last night and it was a pretty rough morning but I am feeling a lot better now, thanks to the painkillers I’m sure.  They told me to follow up with my doctor and lucky for me I have an appointment to get those other moles removed on Wednesday anyway.  What a fun week this has been.  Can you sense the sarcasm through the typing?  I get to finish it off by pulling a double in clinic tomorrow.  I could wait 2 weeks and do it then but it’s stressing me out not having it done and I’d rather have it taken care of.

JD has figured out not only how to open his door but also how to break off the child proof door knob thing so I finally had to tape it on this afternoon so he (and I) would nap.  Smart cookie.

4 thoughts on “Plurisy

  1. No FREAKIN’ way!!!! I actually checked twice while reading this to make sure it was really Bobbie and not Jeremy, saw it was Bobbie, then went back to the top, scanned for content and tone, decided it had to be Bobbie and not Jeremy accidentally posting as Bobbie….and we’re back to No FREAKIN’ way!!!!! I think my mom gets this condition sometimes too and uses an inhaler for it? Ask about that if the painkillers don’t do it for you.

  2. Bob…all I can say is it’s amazing the Lord thinks/knows you can go through all these trials!!! Crazy! He knows you and what you can handle, he loves you! AND we all love you too!

  3. Bobby, I am soooo sorry to hear about your poor health! What crummy stuff to have to go through, especially when you are pregnant! I hope you will be feeling better soon. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! I would love to watch JD for you, if you need to take it easy for a while!

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