Quick Update

We are back from the doctor.  He explained the situation to us a bit more and told us how shocked the mole was that bad since he didn’t think it would be because it was pretty small.  He took about a nickle sized area of skin around where the mole was removed to make sure they got all the cancer cells.  It took 7 stitches to close the site and since I don’t have stretchy skin (at all) it’s probably gonna feel nice and awful in an hour or so when the numbing stuff wears off.  He even commented on how non-elastic my skin is.  😛

I go back next week to get 3 more moles removed.  One on my back, one on my tushie, and one on my thigh.  Good news is it keeps my mind off all the pregnancy stuff.  Bad news is I’ve missed a bit of school and it’ll be no fun to make it all up.


3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Melanoma is nothing to mess with…. I’m sorry you are going to be in pain. It hurt just to read about it.

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