What is going on?

A post once a day, we are on a roll people!  Celebrate, dance in the rain, kiss your kids, kiss your spouse, kiss your dog… KISS SOMETHING!

I have decided to keep the beloved Blackberry.  Jeremy created a monster 4 years ago when he gave me my first one and now I’m addicted.  I did take all the fun services off of it but I still love the calendar and address book so I’m not going to sell it quite yet.  Plus I may decide to add the services back to the phone once I’m working after the baby is born.

Next week marks our mid term so that means only about 6 more weeks left of school!!!!!!!!!  With the pregnancy, sickness, summertime, and all that comes with those things it’s already be really hard to get to classes.  Not the summertime thing so much except for finding JD a sitter on nights when mom is gone (and keeping track of those nights).  I know she’ll be so happy when I’m done with school.

Speaking of school I have to go make up a class I missed last week, and hopefully pick up the car and it’s newly tinted windows.  PEACE love and fish sticks.


4 thoughts on “What is going on?

  1. that’s great news! a car, tinted windows, a blackberry and fishsticks!! wow, couldn’t ask for a better day…unless you’re stephanie and potty training is over.

    glad to hear the good news! KISSES!!

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