It’s Hot MOM!

So… a black car is HOT in the summer.  We decided to get the windows tinted next year in the car we just got.  This morning I told Jeremy it would need to be sooner because wow it was hot when we first got in to run errands today.  He said something about a couple of months.  By this afternoon JD would cry everytime I put him in his carseat because the car was so hot!  I’ve been spoiled because my white sonata I had for years and never tinted the windows and we decided to tint the new sonata’s the week we got it so we never realized how drastic it can be with a black car and no protection from the sun.  Needless to say I called the guys I got the other car done at and talked them into giving me the dealers price for tinting (wahoo $50 saved) and we have an appointment on Wednesday.  To pay for it I’m contemplating selling my blackberry.


Yes you heard me.  I know I’ve had a blackberry for an eternity… but we cut the fun features on it today (to help pay for the car) and so while I love it, and the address book, the callendar, the camera… ok stop, I can’t talk myself out of it.  ANYWAY I could probably get about $200 for it since it’s really not old and in great condition.  ahhhh, we’ll see.  😦

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3 thoughts on “It’s Hot MOM!

  1. Those seats can be pretty hot. We usually put a blanket over the kids seats when we leave. A green car gets pretty hot too.

  2. Oh man…I am sorry you had to sell your Blackberry. I have enjoyed my little phone… I can still get on the internet and check email just not BLackberry style. YAY for tinited windows! 😉

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