Jeremy and I took JD to see UP yesterday.  We were both pretty excited and had heard nothing but awesome things about the movie.  We left disappointed.  Maybe we had our sights set too high, maybe it was dealing with JD during the movie, but neither of us really enjoyed it the way we wanted to.  Don’t get me wrong there are some great parts to it, but if I could cut out one entire story line (villain and dogs) and put something else in there I would.  Just rubbed me the wrong way I guess.  We still laughed at times but all in all, :-p

On the positive side of things I’m excited for the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog to come out December 11th.  Looks like they finally figured it out and started to go back to the hand drawn animation and princess stories that have served them so well in the past.



4 thoughts on “Hype?

  1. Do you think it’ll have music? That’s what I’m missing most about the old days. That and the um the hot chics (did I really say I miss the music, what am i thinking?) . . . .

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