Lessons From the ER

JD in the ER

JD in the ER

Here are the lessons I learned about taking a 1 year old to the ER:

  • Make sure you have things in the diaper bag that can be used to entertain, you’re gonna be there FOREVER.
  • Have 2 people there if possible so that you can play tag team with the toddler
  • Playing catch with daddy and a container of Cheerio’s will entertain for a long time, especially if daddy lets the container hit him.
  • Bring a back up blanket if the one they usually like cant be brought.
  • Kids don’t like being TAPED to the CAT scan machine
  • Kids really don’t like having that tape ripped of after the scan
  • After the doctor says you can go home it can be another 45 minutes before someone comes to discharge you so see if it’s ok if one person stays and the other takes the very tired kid home.
  • The GOOD news is they gave us our own little room, I guess no one wants a screaming toddler running around the other patients.

Here’s the short story.  JD falls down ALL the time, yesterday he took a good fall backwards in one of the kitchen chairs and actually cut his little head a bit.  It didn’t need stitches and so once I got the bleeding stopped I didn’t worry about it much.  I did have school but ended up not going because I was worried JD’s pink eye was coming back and didn’t want anyone’s kids exposed.  When I put JD down for bed he woke up about 20 minutes later screaming.  When I went to check on him he’d thrown up EVERYWHERE!  I grabbed him and hopped in the shower with him and he threw up again.  I decided at that point to take him in.  If there is one thing I remember from Pathology it’s if anyone every gets any kind of head injury and then throws up you need to take them in because it could be a sign of pressure on the brain.

It didn’t take long to get him admitted and into the back but then the waiting began.  CAT scan then waiting for results.  Come to find out it was just a bad concussion but the doctor said we absolutely did the right thing because 80% of the kids she sees for the same reasons aren’t so lucky and it is a brain injury.

Because of the concussion we had to wake JD up every 4 hours once we got home (that was a pain), and I am supposed to keep him quiet and “in bed if possible” today.  HELLO, ever had a 17 month old?!?  Right now we’ll settle for sitting down watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

JD and Daddy in the ER

JD and Daddy in the ER


7 thoughts on “Lessons From the ER

  1. I am so glad that you took him in. I think it is always better to be safe then sorry. I am gald that he is ok. Have fun watching movies and yo gabba today.

  2. Oh how scary! I’m glad he’s okay.

    And yeah — we had to take our baby to the ER a month or so ago for hives (he was just under 9 months). We only wish we’d had more things to keep him occupied. I’m glad you had more stuff. lol

  3. That WAS a rough experience. Better make an ER bag if he keeps falling down. Do you think he has an inner ear thing going on?

    A note for the future: Remember the story when Gib sliced his nose and was in the ER getting stitches and Taryn was marching/jumping from chair to chair with a Gideon Bible in her arms like she was the leader of a parade?! Add to your list NOT to take older sibs under the age of 4 on any future trips to the ER with a younger sibling should that day arise.

  4. AHH Bob I can’t believe all that. Good thing you caught it. Little JD seemed to be a trooper while there.

  5. Holy Cow! I am so glad that things are ok and that JD is doing well. He is a trooper that is for sure. Good luck with keeping him down!

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