I am Kind of a Big Deal

Ahh… We all know that from ‘Anchorman’ but another television man is getting close to that ego.  This time it is Jay

Leno who is making the move to 9pm on NBC fairly soon.  

The new show will have famous guests, but they will not drive the ratings, Leno said.

Really Jay? Really?  So I guess you can invite as Jimmy Fallon said on his first show “Gervais from Survior season one, and Right Said Fred.”

Quite full of himself there, so Jay I never watch your show but go ahead Jay book no guests or have random people on the show and see how many people will tune in.


2 thoughts on “I am Kind of a Big Deal

  1. Wow Jer, bitter much. 😉 I think it all boils down to why you’re really upset… the question about if Chuck will be renewed or now thanks to Mr. Leno’s shuffling of the sched.

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