At the movies

JD went with me to go see Wolverine while dad was working on saturday.  When I got into the theater my dad asked how old JD was.  I told him about 16 months and dad said that the guy taking tickets asked dad how old he was when they walked in and dad said under 1 because he forgot.  Apparently you now have to buy a ticket for a 1 year old at Cinemark theaters.  I think that’s absurd but maybe they are trying to discourage parents from bringing their kids?  He doesn’t even occupy a seat, he sits on my lap.  I guess we’ll be going to the Megaplex theaters for the next movie since they don’t charge till 2 years old.  I like them better anyway since I can reserve my seat ahead of time.

JD slept for the first hour or so of the movie then just watched the rest of it.  At one point during a fight scene he turned to mom and said “uh oh”.  It was funny.  I’m thinking he’s almost to the point where I can’t take him to something like that anymore because he’ll actually start to comprehend what’s going on.  He was a dream and dad said he forgot he was even there, good thing since there were a lot of people there.


3 thoughts on “At the movies

  1. A year old. Are you kidding me? I am glad that he was a doll for you guys. I am excited to see that movie. One day we will…

  2. I am with Kristin…a year old? You have got to be kidding me. Glad he was good for you. I have not seen any Xmen movies so I may be lost if I saw that one… 😉

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