Chuck going Away?!?

This would disappoint  me very much, because this show is quite good, and the past hand full of episodes have been very good.  They some how got Chevy Chase for at least three episodes, side note I prefer to call him ‘Fat Chevy’ or ‘unfunny Chevy’ he does do a good job in the past few shows.

Overall the show is great with the funny and the action, plus they do a good job of mixing in Chuck with his ‘regular’ job and his spy role.  I love it and it could be canceled because of lackluster ratings last week just over six million watched which has been on par.

With the addition to Jay Leno taking over the third hour of prime time and thus axing five hours or shows from NBC.  Heros was renewed and from what I heard has been disappointed with the exception of the last few episodes.  A few good things going for Chuck is that the research shows it hits the ever so important 18-34 age group and NBC is only co-producing the show which means not all the cost is put on NBC.

The upfronts are about a month away which the networks will unveil the networks fall schedule.  Hopefully Chuck makes it, or an idea that just popped into my head is maybe Chuck can follow the ‘Friday Night Lights’ route whiched aired their season on DirecTv’s channel 101 and then shifted to NBC.  That gave the show one or two more seaons, I do not recall.  If you havent seen the show check out the finale on Monday night at  7pm,  it is a good show.


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