Talk a lot

JD’s never said a lot of words.  He can handle Mom, Dad, Melmo (elmo), and grandma.  Recently he’s been spouting out more words like it’s no big deal.  Yesterday the doctor handed him a sticker and clear as day he said “Thank you.”   It was very precious.

Apparently little wheezing man was starting to come down with pneumonia.  He hasn’t even really been acting sick, just started to cough and the wheeze!  He’s now on medication and we’re giving him nebulizer treatments every few hours.  He’s still the funniest kid and not really acting sick except for a little whining and clinging.


4 thoughts on “Talk a lot

  1. Poor thing…I hope he feels better soon! I love it when they start to talk. Ty and Con are trying really hard to get Gator to say their names regularly… 😉

  2. I love it when they first start talking, or when you first start realizing that was suppose to be a word. It’s funny that they try and say words, but we just haven’t figured out what they are sometimes. Remember Sheila would say “watersunkit?”

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