Plant Bong

I was shopping with KK a couple of weeks ago and she saw these Aqua Globes and wanted to try them.  I was interested to see if they worked myself so we purchased a set of 2 and took them home.  I put one in a plant in my parents family room and we all laughed about it for a while.  It looks ridiculous and it really doesn’t blend in at all.  Within a week however we saw a drastic improvement to the health of the plant.  The stupid things work.  We call them Plant Bongs and mom now has one in her plant in the kitchen window.  I think they should make them green so they aren’t so obvious.



6 thoughts on “Plant Bong

  1. I saw those on television and really wanted to try them out. I DO NOT have a green thumb. Its good to know that plants might stand a chance in my house thanks!!

  2. Yeah, it’s too bad they don’t make them look more inconspicuous.

    But if I ever buy Kristin another plane it will come with one of these too! She’s a plant killer!

  3. Haha I was just going to say that maybe I could keep a plant alive with that thing. I do thend not to water them. Then again I probably would froget to re-fill them with water. lol

  4. From the sound of all the comments on this post you could host your own Plant Killer Anonymous (= I think they are a great idea but I agree with you on the color thing. I think green would be way better!

  5. My wife just bought a couple of the Aqua Globes. She thought they worked really well.

    It’s funny that you call them “Plant Bongs.”

    She says that the globes remind her of something that one of her stoner friends would have smoked weed out of in college.

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