Massage, Hospitals and Jack Black?

What do those three things have in common?  They were all involved in our weekend.

Massage:  I had to pull a double shift for clinish on Saturday.  Since the middle shift of the day overlaps with the morning and evening shifts it requires you to work in the morning and then come back again that night.  This makes for one extreamily long day.  I was up at 5:45 am and to bed at 11:00pm but felt like it’d been closer to 36 hours of time awake.  I was able to get 10 massages done during that time, however I felt a bit worn out today.   I got some great verbal feedback so we’ll see what the evaluations say tomorrow.

Hospital:  When I woke up this morning and turned on my phone I started to get all kinds of text messages from mom.  Apparently around 1-2 am she took dad to the hospital because he believed he was having a heart attack.  After ruling out the heart, and his lung issues they decided it was a gall bladder attack and scheduled him for immediate surgery.  The doctor was quite vivid about how disgusting dad’s Gall Bladder was and said that the bouts of pain and ‘heartburn’ he’s been having for the past few weeks were probably small attacks and then he finally got hit with a big one.  He had a slight scare after surgery with getting his oxygen levels back up and spent a little time in the ICU but by this afternoon he was feeling quite a bit better and was even playing around on facebook.  They are keeping him over night but we hope to see him home tomorrow.

Jack Black:  I’ve never watch Yo Gabba Gabba but I have a few friends that LOVE this show.  I sat down with JD and he watched almost 15 minutes straight mesmerized by this silly show.  It was interesting, Jeremy couldn’t stop laughing at Jack Black since he was the guest host.  We decided it was a good way to end a very long weekend.  Enjoy.

jack black yo gabba gabba


7 thoughts on “Massage, Hospitals and Jack Black?

  1. Sheesh, that is scary news about your dad! So they’re taking out the gall bladder, eh? He is going to feel so much better once he’s all healed up! Thank goodness it’s his gall bladder and not his heart!

    Yo Bobbie, have you seen my fan site, yet?

    I had the surprise of my life when the creators of the show wished me happy birthday on the official production blog, and sent me signed posters from the staff, PLUS special copies of both seasons on DVD all for my birthday! They’re the nicest people… and to think our friendship all started because the pink one (Foofa) was my husband’s friend and RS Pres in their Huntington Beach singles ward… and now we’re all friends! Yay for friends!

    I love seeing LDS people putting out a truly positive message into the world. Everyone I have met at Yo Gabba Gabba has been just awesome!

  2. Saturday sounded like a long day.

    I am glad that they found out what was causing your Dad so much pain. I am also happy to hear surgery went well and he is coming home today. 😉

    As for YouGabagaba…well, we turned it on one day (I think with Cody) and Eric kept saying, “Who was on drugs when they made this show?” At that point…we have not watched it since… 😛

  3. I atleast gave you good feed back on my massage 🙂 That is a ton to do in one day. I hope they realize that.

    I am glad to hear that Ray is doing a ton better. What a scary situation .

  4. Yikes Hope Ray is doing better. Glad to hear you got some good feedback from Kristin at least haha! If she is anything like me while drugged up then its probably pretty funny. If you ever need to work on a preggo i’ll be first in line 🙂

  5. ghundred said: “Who was on drugs when they made this show?”

    Interesting comment considering most of them don’t even drink coffee. 😉

  6. I thought it was pretty spastic at first but JD loved it, and the weirdness factor kept Jeremy and I entertained so it’s a win win I guess. 😉

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