Actual Conversation this Morning

This is no joke!

I am taking phone calls for the car show and this guy calls in to talk about something that I misunderstood at first, but he was complaing about a bracket.  One would think he wanted to vent about how is basketball bracket was doing, but NO his complaint was about a promotion running at the radio station which is a bracket similar to the NCAA tourney, but this is of local models.

People go to the website and vote, pretty simple.  This guy’s complaint was petty and pretty way out there, he was complaining that the girls who are listed on Saturday are getting an unfair advantage.  His reasoning behind this is because Monday through Thursday are listed for 24 hours, but the ones listed on Fridays last through the weekend.

I gave the typical answer ‘I am not in charge of that’ and that fact was that I did not know.  He kept pestering me and I kept saying I am not sure.  Why does this guy care so much and he kept saying its unfair, but the kicker is that this is his SECOND complaint on the same issue.

Dude get a life!

At least I got a laugh this morning at work.


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