Not Going to Happen After All

Well there must of been a reason why I could never track anyone down to find out when I was to produce that new radio show.  The reason is because I am not doing it!!  This really sucks plus I found out by luck, because one of the show hosts happened to be at the station for something so I asked him when it was starting (Thursday by the way) and talked for a bit and he told me someone else was producing?

That was great news, to hear especially since I have been working at my other job on trying to find a schedule the past four days and today was the day the email was sent for the change.  Apparently when I was told in February if I would be able to produce this new show I assumed it would be every day, but the new host said it was for a fill in for the first week or so.

The person who is doing it does not even work in our building  anymore.  They used to work for the other sports station which moved building and the new host works at both stations, so I guess asked him.  Just a far out scenario for that I did not see coming.


I guess that is why no one knew, the good news I guess is that I do not have to go back on the phones, and I will not have to work seven days a week which I would have.  Now I have to talk to my bosses and better hope I do not have to change positions.  I do not want to assume anything after this, but I think Ill be fine.

Just a great night, but now for some fun video below.  One of my favorite shows is My Boys and it comes back in two weeks on March 31, and below is a four minute recap of part one of season two.


7 thoughts on “Not Going to Happen After All

  1. Oh man. I was so excited for you. That really does bite. I can’t believe that they didn’t tell you. What bums!

  2. Hope the smoke clears and that something nice emerges. That recap just added to the already existing confused feeling.

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