What a Week

This has been one eventful week for our little family.  I’ll just sum it up since it’s late and I have to be up just after 5am for clinic in the morning:

  • I had my last 4 finals of the term, one of them being the dreaded Anatomy/Physiology comprehensive final.  I maintained my 4.0 but that Anatomy final was a killer.
  • Jeremy got his schedule worked out for the radio show.  It means a bit of a pay cut and some long days but he is excited.  Poor guy won’t have a single day off however because the Intercontinental job he has days off in the middle of the week, and the radio show is Monday through Friday.
  • JD decided to take a head dive out of his crib.  Mom found him in the middle of his room playing when she went to check on him.  He had one heck of a goose egg on his forehead for a while.
  • Jeremy and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary.  Jeremy was working and I was taking a final.

The big news is that JD is now in a big boy bed.  We picked out this neat little bed at Ikea that converts from a toddler bed, into a child’s bed, then into a twin.  It works well for the room he’s in.  Happy days when it was 20% off at the register, and it was pretty darn cheap to begin with.  Thanks to a small bonus from Jer’s work that made the big boy bed transition possible.  It took some fun baby proofing of his room and a lot of cleaning today.  Mom and Dad were amazing help and I couldn’t have finished everything without them.  Jeremy was even a star and cleaned our room when he got home.  I will take some pictures of the room tomorrow for you all.  I was worried that it would be a hard transition but JD fell asleep right away, so far so good.

While putting the crib in storage mom decided it would be fun to “mattress sled” down the stairs. Don’t worry I got it on film…


2 thoughts on “What a Week

  1. I was going to try mattress surfing but they wouldn’t let me stand up… something about being worried about my terrible balance and my getting hurt or some such nonsense 😉

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