PICTURES and Persistence

I finally got all the pictures off my camera.  All the way back to JD’s birthday party the end of January.  I’m a slacker I know. To view the ones from the birthday that I’m not putting up here you can go to picasa.

JD will be up from his nap soon but I wanted to share these really fast and tell how persistent my son is.  He LOVES touching the electronic equipment.  “JD No.” is a common phrase when people are watching TV in the family room.  Yesterday Parker asked me to just block the equipment after JD had turned off Sesame Street for the second time.  I used two chairs but this morning that wasn’t going to stop JD.  After he found 2 ways to get through the chairs I finally had him blocked out, it didn’t stop him from trying however.  😛

Tonight is our hands on anatomy quiz, then Friday is our Practical final and next week our comprehensive final for all 3 anatomy courses.  I also have finals in Pathology, Sports Massage and Cranial Sacral therapy next week.  I just have to say I’ll be SO happy at the end of next week.  I started Clinic this past Saturday.  For someone who is no longer used to getting up early that morning shift is a fun one.  😉  I did get 5 one hour massages done in 5.5 hours, so I earned a free massage coupon.  I was very tired after but I’ll build up the stamina for it.  I got great feedback from everyone and the only negative comment I got was “her pressure was good, but could have been deeper.”  So it was good but not really.  ha ha.  That was from my last client and quite frankly I couldn’t have gone much deeper at that point.  I haven’t really practiced a lot since I had the surgery so it was sink or swim time.  I’ll miss having my Saturday’s off but it’s amazing practice.

A friend of mine from School told me one day that I’d like the TV series ‘Bones’ because of how much I love our anatomy classes.  She lent us the first 3 seasons and everyone in the house is hooked.  For mom, dad and I it was borderline an obsession for a while.  One night a few weeks ago we watched 8 episodes in one night.  Sadly I got to bed that Saturday morning when Jeremy was getting up for work.  We are almost caught up with this season but with finals coming up I highly doubt I’ll be able to really enjoy it again for a couple weeks.


3 thoughts on “PICTURES and Persistence

  1. I heard BONES is a god show. I think Mash told me that…maybe it was HOUSE. Oh I do not remember now… 😛
    Look at that kiddo…he cracks me up! 🙂

  2. We like both and Masha has had both imposed on her viewing while here. If I had to chose I’d say I like Bone better but it can get pretty gruesome sometimes! Bobbie likes it because it’s all technical talk about this or that part of the anatomy. Thank goodness they have to dumb it down for the poor FBI agent or I’d be lost- she gets it though.

  3. We love love love Bones and have since it first came out. The pictures of JD are so cute! I love how blue he got. And honestly I can totally believe the whole persistence thing. I can’t believe how big he has gotten. We need to come for a visit. I am needing some serious doses of sanity!

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