Sesame Street and the Vet

This morning I was getting Max ready for a bath and I noticed one of his eyes was all swollen and ‘gunky’.  I called the vet and we took him in this afternoon.  Apparently somehow he scratched his cornea and it’s developed an ulcer.  I now get to put drops (he hates) into his eye 4 times a day for a week and keep him out of the sunlight.  JD loved the trip to the vet and figured out how to open their doors.  He was quite unhappy when I wouldn’t let him do it over and over again.

JD opening DoorsEvery afternoon while JD eats lunch I turn on a Tivo’ed episode of Sesame Street.  He LOVES it and Parks and Bright usually come up and watch with him.  I enjoy watching them watch the show but sometimes I can’t stop laughing at how inventive they are.  You can tell they think about entertaining the parents as well as the kids.  Here are some of our favorite clips.  The first one is “Law and Order: Special Letters Unit” and the second one is “30 Rocks”.


2 thoughts on “Sesame Street and the Vet

  1. I love Sesame Street! I wish it were on a better times. My kids still love it even though they get older. It is like the Muppet Show that was on forever ago. You just can’t beat the humor in it.

    Sorry to hear about Max. Hope he gets better soon!

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