Yesterday JD and I went to the park with Mom, Trish and the girls.  It was really a ton of fun and something I believe we will be doing a lot of, now that it is warming up!  I thought JD would hate the swings but you honestly couldn’t push the boy high enough.  He would squeal and laugh so hard.  He cried when I took him out.  The slides are NOT his favorite however.  I knew this already but we decided to try again yesterday. Trish had her camera with her and took some fun pictures with it.  I love that she was playing with some of the features on the camera so the colors are fun.




JD yelling at his shadow

JD yelling at his shadow




I have one final done for this term and the rest are in two weeks.  I’ll be SO happy when it’s all over.  🙂  I can’t believe I’m on the downhill slope of being done.  I talked to the school yesterday and it looks like in August as soon as I graduate I’ll be doing the Master body worker program up in Salt Lake for 10 weeks.  It gives you extra training in a couple of different fields, including an intensive Keinesology course.  After I finish up that program Jeremy and I are contemplating more schooling but we will see how things unfold.

We are headed to the park again, LOVE YOU ALL!  OH and while I’ve been sitting here blogging JD has been typing on a keyboard that’s not plugged in.  He’s such a funny kid…




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