Down with the sickness

Mom’s don’t get sick days.  It’s a real bummer, but that’s the way it works.  I’ve decided it’s also causing this cold I somehow caught to last twice as long as it normally would.  I’m currently debating if I want to even try to attend class tonight.  The thought of being able to put JD down at 7:00 or 7:30pm and then taking night time medication and going to bed myself is winning right now but we will see.  The downfall of me being sick means I haven’t counted a single calorie, worried about my water, or exercised all week.  Those of you that I creamed last week in the biggest looser don’t have to worry about me beating you this week unless the sickness decides to finally go away and take 5 pounds with it.

I have been really loving that we now have a TV in our room since I’ve been sick.  It’s been a wonderful to curl up in bed when JD is napping and not have to worry about getting everyone else sick.  So far the only victims have been mom, myself and JD.  Lets pray it stays that way.  I disinfect everything I’ve touched once a day so hopefully it’s helping to keep it under control.

My first final of the term is on Friday so I’m really hoping this cough and stuff is gone by then.  Preferably by tomorrow so I can actually study without cold medication making me all loopy.

There is so much to write about but JD is ready for a nap and so am I.  I’ll try to be more current with blog posting, once upon a time it was so easy to post everyday.  Oh the wheel of time….


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