Free People?

Free People?

Free People?

Mom and I have driven past this sign for the past couple of weeks and we always have something to say about it.  My favorites are:

  • Lets stop and get your free person so they can go to class for you tonight
  • I wonder what choices they have available
  • Think they could afford lunch?  How about running errands for us?

JD has gone from taking a few steps here and there to full on walking everywhere, even trying to run at times.  One of those running times happened today.  Mom and I were watching Brighton and JD this morning.  Bright starts to cry and scream “He took it, he took it!”.  I turn around in time to see JD RUNNING away with Bright’s piece of bread in his hand.  I go over and can only pry half of the piece out his little one year old fingers.  The half he still had he immediately started to shove into his mouth without chewing.  Brighton didn’t find it quite as funny as mom and I did.  I promise I do feed him!!


5 thoughts on “Free People?

  1. I see that sign too! Funny…I thought stuff like- I wonder how clean that person would be? Do they have a return policy-if my ‘person’ doesn’t work? 😛
    That story about JD is too funny. I could just see Bright with a sad face.

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