One Week Down

I thought I’d blogged at least once this week but I guess I was wrong, remember the good old days when I blogged every day.

Today we are having JD’s first birthday party.  YAY.  I will post pictures later.  I do have a picture of the cupcakes Melissa helped me decorate last night.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  They taste awesome, here is the recipe.

I really don’t have anything exciting to say other than that.  Oh I did get our taxes done last Monday!  WAHOO!  We’ll get a bigger return than we are used to since we had JD, so we made the decision to put ALL of it towards debt.  It was a really hard choice, I’d much rather take a vacation or get a new computer… but in the long run I feel SO good about our choice.  This will make it so that we are virtually debt free with the exception of our car and student loans.  It will be the first time I can say that since the divorce.  Boy doesn’t that feel good.

JD is walking all over the place now and he is so funny about it.  He now says mom, dad, and Elmo.  He still loves that red monster and goes to sleep with the little stuffed Elmo that Molly gave him for his birthday (thanks again Molly).  When I was at the book store this week he found some Elmo books and sat playing with them for a while.  It was quite cute.


6 thoughts on “One Week Down

  1. sorry we missed the party. Those look yummy. And good for you for deciding to pay off some debt…I hate those stinkin’ student loans!

  2. So I forgot to ask you at the B-day party if you were up for practicing your delightful massage skills on a pregnant lady, okay me! My back is killing me (my mattress is too soft for my pregnant self) and I wake up so stiff! Let me know when, where, how much, etc. etc. and i’ll be there 🙂

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