Week coming to a close

Wow it feels like it has been a LONG week.  Here is a quick run down.  The good, bad and ugly:

  • Bryan’s dad Paul passes away
  • A close friend has a miscarriage
  • Jer can’t take a job because of insurance
  • Our insurance decides not to cover about $1000 from my hand surgery
  • School , homework, quizzes etc.
  • Mailed out invites for JD’s birthday party take II.  (Next Saturday at 3pm for those that care to come eat awesome cupcakes)
  • FINALLY just mailed Bequi’s baby blanket, how old is Sarah now?  16?
  • Mailed a bridal shower gift I’ve had since November or so
  • Went through a roller coaster of deciding and then undeciding to switch to full-time school and graduate in May instead of Aug.  It would cost us $3300 more because I would loose grant money, so that’s not going to happen.
  • Missed class tonight to attend the viewing for Paul
  • Funeral for Paul tomorrow morning
  • JD is turning into a toddler.  Loves to tease mommy and run around like a monkey.  He’s into everything.
  • Finding out JD can eat an entire whopper Jr. for lunch, or an entire PB&J plus fruit
  • Dealing with some fun soreness due to re-patterning exercises for my Movement class.
  • Bathed both dogs
  • LOVED having a clean and orginized bedroom since our Ikea trip last week

I think that’s about it.  I’m sure there are some things I missed but I got the bulk of the week right there for you all.  I have to go find out why JD is giggling, squealing and bouncing like a maniac on his crib instead of sleeping….


4 thoughts on “Week coming to a close

  1. That was the most beautiful blanket I’ve ever seen! Thank you so so much! I’m posting pictures today, if anyone is interested in seeing it. And she’s only 5 months, it’s not a big deal, you silly goose!

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