I just need to vent, so if you’d prefer you can skip this post.

Jeremy has been looking for a new job for almost 2 years now. The problem we are finding is that most of what is available is sales based on commission (Jer doesn’t want to do sales) or they don’t offer insurance. I never worried about the insurance before. You can always just get private insurance right? Wrong for me. Since I have Chronic Heart Failure and cardiomyopathy on my medical records I am not insurable with private insurance. They won’t touch me with a 10 foot pole. My only option is to remain insured through Jeremy’s employer and if he leaves we would have to do cobra until new insurance from the new employer kicks in. I can not lapse at all and it will always have to be through an employer. It has really put a damper on things. Jeremy has learned to ask about insurance during the first interview because it sucks to get through multiple interviews and then find out he can’t take the job because of insurance.

I put too much of the pressure of it on myself. I know its not my fault all the heart stuff has happened, however if it weren’t for me needing the coverage Jer would have had some other options open to him. Yes we are blessed that jeremy even has a job in this economy, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just needed to get it off my chest.


7 thoughts on “Options

  1. Didn’t Obama want to make changes to help people in that dilemma? I hope that happens for you. In the meantime, we can appeal to the One who really makes thing happen and pray for the right job with insurance for Jer to open up….Tennessee is a great place! Do let us know what kind of job he wants.

  2. No doubt that that sucks. Who DOESN’T want someone with Jeremy’s skills and talents . . . just got to get the foot in the door.

  3. I totally know what you mean about the insurance thing. My husband has asthma as well as my son, and my son was also born with heart problems, so if my husband ever wanted to work for himself or one of our dad’s we could not get insurance on either of them. Which we need. We need inhalers for them among other things and like you said private insurances won’t touch us with a 10 foot pole. So, the best thing for us is to make sure he sticks with a job that offers insurance.

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