What did you do with that phone?!

When I upgraded my phone in December it was perfect.  I was able to sell my old one for more than the new one would cost us after the rebate and upgrade discounts.  There was a small glitch with the first phone I was sent so they sent me a new one and then on January 2nd I mailed the old one back to them, on the same day I mailed in my rebate form.

This past week I decided to call t-mobile to find out when the received the other phone.  You know, just one of those hunches.  They tell me they don’t have record of ever getting it, do I have tracking.  I explained that I did get tracking and insurance through the USPS but it was at home.  The girl then informs me that she can’t check into tracking for USPS anyway and I should have sent it UPS.  I explained that I was never told to send it UPS.  She said she would put in a claim to another department and I should hear back from them via email or call within 24 hours.

I called back Saturday evening because Jeremy reminded me and I still hadn’t heard from them.  The guy I got was very nice and pretty much told me the other girl was a moron and he can check USPS tracking, I however didn’t have the number with me (again, my bad).  I said I wanted to check and see if the other department had found anything out and he let me know that they had only verified that I was using the newer of the two phones.  Lovely.  I then asked if he could track the rebate info I sent in.  After some checking he told me that there is no info in the system for a rebate for me but he would be glad to transfer me to the rebate department.  I told them I would call back when I had the tracking number, and rebate info with me.  At this point I’m glad I photo copied all the rebate information.

I grabbed the tracking number tonight and checked online to see when it was delivered, 8:15am January 5, 2009.  I then decided to call t-mobile to find out why in the world they haven’t “received” it in the system on my account (so I’m not double billed) over 10 days later.  I get a lovely computer voice telling me that they are having technical difficulties and can’t take my call.

Anyone else feeling a bit uneasy about this situation?  Me too.  I am expecting some answers tomorrow.  I’ve been with T-mobile for a LONG time but my stomach is going in circles about this phone missing on their end.

I’ll call back tomorrow morning while I’m waiting at the doctor for JD’s one year check up.  I know you’ll all be on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what happens.


8 thoughts on “What did you do with that phone?!

  1. My advice after reading Kristin’s blog last week is “don’t be strong…break early!!”. Oh, and “cry early and often”. Usually I say medicate early and often, but in this case we want you to snap so they’ll do anything it takes to help you. Don’t forget your ace in the hole either….mutter to yourself “just concentrate on the dead people” and see if that doesn’t get you instant results. Be sure to get their names and addresses first so they’ll be afraid to hang up on you though. Good luck!

  2. It’s a recession… people are going to start being greedy and sneaky. I’m having issues myself with AT&T. I am supposed to have a 20% discount on my bill for an employment discount and just found today that even though our account shows that I should be receiving the discount, we’re not. And they’re trying not to make it so that we’re paid for that whole time we DIDN’T get it.

  3. They told me yesterday to wait two more weeks and if its not on the account then to call back. Whatever. They have till Sunday before I call back asking for a manager.

  4. My sister has this kind of trouble with T-Mobile all the time. I’m scared to leave Verizon, even though they’re more expensive than other phones, simply because they never fight me when I have a problem.

  5. Man, this scares me. We signed up for T-Mobile in November and haven’t received the credit to our account yet. Turns out the kid at Costco, where we signed up, put in the wrong phone number for me (he filled out all the rebate info and gave us a copy). We realized when I didn’t get service as soon as my husband that something was wrong and fixed the number, but didn’t even think to fix it on the rebate. After hearing about your hassle, I really hope they don’t make it any harder. Ugh.

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